Merging Deisgn + Comfort = Bliss

For many years we either let design offer us less comfortable for the sake of the look. Or we foregone the design element for comfortable- LL@MerakiMaison

This is the time in the design world that design, functionality, and comfort all collaborate to create an inspired space for all to enjoy.

Think sofa’s that give the right look and when you just want to relax you can sink in for hours. Or first thing in the morning allowing your feet to hit the ground with sheer bliss under your feet with a soft rug that say’s, “Good Morning”. We love the sale going on at West Elm on this plushy rose rug:

Think of a dining chair that sweeps you and cradles your body as your indulge and linger.

Getting things “right” means having a liveable design that allows you to do life your way.

Cheers to more comfort with beautiful design,

Lori & Melody