Meraki Refresh

Meraki Refresh


+ Up to 1 room

+ 30 min In-Home Consult with one of our Creative Team Members

+ 1 hour Shopping Trip

+ Suggestive Shopping Guide or Shopping List Summary

+ 1-hour style your space


2.5 Hour Package to Refresh a room with one of our creative team members.

One of our creative team members will come to your home for an in-home 30-minute consult. From there, it is decided on what is needed to complete the vision. If shopping is involved, a shopping guide or shopping list summary will be provided and then a 1-hour style appointment will be booked. 

Offer does not include moving of large furniture, large rugs, or large heavy wall art.   Offer does not include painting services, handyman services or electrical services.

New décor, furniture, rugs, curtains, accessories, pillows, wall art, bedding etc. are not provided as a part of the Meraki Refresh Package. 

In order to complete the vision if more shopping is needed, it can be added at additional reduced rate of $80 per hour. The client sets the budget and payment for items purchased. Payment for shopping is paid 100% in advance. 

Your creative team consultant will review any additional services at your request with no pressure.

*Prices subject to change 

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